Jesco LightingJesco Lighting
Jesco SG-MC-VHunder-cabinet fixture vertical/horizontal mounting clip
Jesco under-cabinet fixture vertical/horizontal mounting ...
Part No: 74817
Hera LightingHera Lighting
Hera/Feelux SPLEX34 - 34" lens34" lens - fits Hera ES34 - Feelux NSL21
Feelux NSL21 lens / Hera ES34 ...
Part No: 75944
Hera LightingHera Lighting
Hera/Feelux SPLEX22 - 22" lens22" lens - fits Hera ES22 - Feelux NSL14
Feelux NSL14 lens / Hera ES22 ...
Part No: 75943
Hera LightingHera Lighting
Hera/Feelux SPLEX46 - 46 inch lens46 inch lens - fits Hera ES46 - Feelux NSL28
Feelux NSL28 lens / Hera ES46 ...
Part No: 75945
Feelux LightingFeelux Lighting
Feelux HDV-END-CAPEnd cap closes end of Feelux HDV fixture
Feelux HDV fixture end ...
Part No: 75940
Jesco LightingJesco Lighting
Jesco DL-FLEX-PC-HW - 19 inch19 inch - input power connector - FLEX UP tape - accepts FLEX-UP connector - 120v
Hard wire power connector for Jesco flexible LED lighting 19 Input Power Connector. (13-1/2 Bare Wire / 5-7/8 FLEX-UP tape). Bare wire is connected to hard-wire equipment (e.g.: DL-PS power supply, DL-PS accessories). FLEX-UP tape accepts FLEX-UP connector. May be used as a Live End connector for ...
Part No: 76436
Feelux LightingFeelux Lighting
Feelux MNR-BRACKET1 -set of two bracketsFeelux Monorail - LED system - slim profile -set of two brackets
Set of two brackets for Feelux Monorail LED ...
Part No: 76434
Sunpark ElectronicsSunpark Electronics
Sunpark YGLLD-CLIPSMounting clips for YGLLD fixtures
Mounting clips for YGLLD ...
Part No: 72926
Hera LightingHera Lighting
Hera/ Feelux SPLEX59 - 59" lens59" lens - fits Hera ES59 - Feelux NSL35
Feelux NSL35 lens / Hera ES59 ...
Part No: 75946
Feelux LightingFeelux Lighting
Feelux HDVPTC1 - 12 inch connecting cable12 inch connecting cable - HDV fixture series
Feelux HDV fixture 12 connecting ...
Part No: 75941
Hera LightingHera Lighting
Hera/Feelux SPLEX12 - 12" lens12" lens - fits Hera ES12 - Feelux NSL8
Feelux NSL8 lens / Hera ES12 ...
Part No: 75942
Antares EnterprisesAntares Enterprises
Antares MBSMounting brackets for Antares fixtures
Mounting brackets for Antares ...
Part No: 70935
Feelux LightingFeelux Lighting
Feelux HDV-BRACKET1Feelux HDV fixture standard brackets
Feelux HDV fixture standard ...
Part No: 74789
Hera LightingHera Lighting
Hera/Feelux SMC/T4Pair of mounting clips for Hera T4 Slimlite XL series fixtures
Pair of mounting clips for Hera T4 Slimlite XL series ...
Part No: 75727
Turbo AirTurbo Air
bracket for Turbo Air ...
Part No: 73480
Anthony InternationalAnthony International
Center mullion clip beginning ...
Part No: 73331
Feelux LightingFeelux Lighting
Feelux MSLL-BRACKET-B3 Brackets for NSLL fixtures
3 Brackets for NSLL ...
Part No: 71770
Feelux LightingFeelux Lighting
Feelux NDV-BRACKET4Support bracket for Feelux Diva LED fixtures
Support bracket for Feelux Diva LED ...
Part No: 75094
Anthony InternationalAnthony International
End mullion lens ...
Part No: 72425
Anthony InternationalAnthony International
Center Mullion Lens ...
Part No: 72426
Anthony InternationalAnthony International
Lens cover ...
Part No: 73330
Hera LightingHera Lighting
Hera/Feelux SMC/T5 - MSL-BRACKETGroup of 3 mounting brackets for Feelux LSL fixtures
Group of 3 mounting brackets for Feelux LSL ...
Part No: 75778
Steelcraft KDS Fluorescent Knockdown Strip Platefluorescent knockdown strip end plate
fluorescent knockdown strip end ...
Part No: 73476
Turbo AirTurbo Air
bracket for Turbo Air ...
Part No: 73479
Satco S70-6516 - 8-16 ft.8-16 ft. - Alumiglass extension pole - two section handle - threaded end - fits all changers
8' - 15' non-conductive extension ...
Part No: 75825
Satco S70-0101 - Heavy duty bulb changerHeavy duty bulb changer - attaches to an extension pole
Bulb changer fits incandescent and similarly shaped ...
Part No: 75823
Satco S70-3002 - R-type bulb changerR-type bulb changer attacment - threaded end fits all changers - for R- type bulbs
Reflector shaped light bulb ...
Part No: 75824
Steelcraft SEP Fluorescent Knockdown Strip Platefluorescent shallow strip end plate
fluorescent shallow strip end ...
Part No: 73477