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Launched as a vision of CEO Herb Needham in 1997. H&M Distributors, Inc. has seen amazing growth, quickly becoming a “go-to” supplier for many of the large lighting maintenance companies and lighting distributors, across the US. Starting with only himself in 1996 out of a small 1 unit office/garage space, the company has employed over 75 different employees and now operates out of a 30,000-sq. ft. building.

Having successfully ran both a Lighting Manufacturing company along with a Lighting Maintenance company Mr. Needham found a need for customers to find specialty lighting items that were in stock, along with being able to offer cross reference solutions to obsolete items that correctly fit and work as a replacement.

Unlike majority of lighting companies H&M Distributors, Inc. does not remove obsolete items from their website or product database. We take our technical knowledge to suggest a replacement item that is either a direct cross, or one where we can note any differences so you are confident it will work for your needs. Along with our goal to be able to supply a direct cross for any unavailable or obsolete item, we had become an “On-Demand Stocking Master Distributor”.

What is an On-Demand Stocking Master Distributor? That means that we have listened to our customers and built our product database from that. What you need is what we will stock. H&M Distributors, Inc. first started out as mainly distributing Shatter-Resistant Fluorescent light bulbs from a patent developed and designed by Herb Needham, and later bought by GE Lighting as the Cov-R-Guard Fluorescent. As lighting needs of our customers changed, we listened and started to stock Sockets and Lampholders. Now we bring bulk quantities of over 1,200 different Sockets and Lampholders along with being able to purchase and/or cross any Socket needed and allow our customers to buy as little as 1 unit of any product. We also now are a large stocking Distributor of LED Drivers, Low Voltage Transformers, HID Capacitors, Refrigeration Ballast, Cooler Shelf Harnesses and many more items. All because it’s what our customers requested. Not only do we stock these item types, but we also know them inside and out and can assist with any technical or wiring question. We do this so that you do not have to, and so that you do not have to purchase more than you need from a Vendor.

H&M Distributors, Inc. does not just have a Technical Support team to assist with product crosses, wiring or any other technical information, we train all employees with that knowledge. So, when you contact H&M Distributors, Inc. 90% of your technical questions can be answered by the first person who picks up the phone, and for the last 10% we have a Support Desk email address, to help get your answer as quick as possible. Along with the technical knowledge we offer, we found it a must to be able to ship all in stock orders the same day.

But don’t take our word for it. Try us out, or contact us and see for yourself why we’re the best not the biggest lighting wholesaler.

We specialize in providing cost effective replacement ballasts along with a large assortment of lampholders and lampholder accessories. We also pride ourselves on same day shipping! All orders received before 1pm PST will ship same day, providing all items are in stock and it's not a special order.

and receive special deals and discounts.



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